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As a Tactical Process in Poker

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As a Tactical Process in Poker


You can ultimate visibly plays poker with a predictable process. Play the top ten hands, pocket aces through tens with Big Sleek and Big Chick are thrown into the occasional forest with an AJ-or A-10, but will eventually become recognizable, especially from your opposition.  

The next step in your poker development is to start incorporating some trickery into your game. When you play something like a baby couple or a friendly connector, you are going to face a change. With these hands, should you remember, you’re probably not going to win hands (pocket aces or kings can sometimes survive on their own). Thus, you have to look at the “fit or fold” approach, which can be very profitable. 

If You Fit, You Sit 

The first is the easy part of the equation. If you hit your hand – say hold a tray while holding a pocket thread or hit an open-ended straight draw with your 8 then 7 your – you’ll “sit” in the hand. If one of you is ahead, you should be able to place a bet, or you can open the betting yourself. Because you killed what you wanted, you are ready to go to war with everything you have got. 

The problematic side of this is that if an opponent continues to play hand in hand against you. Suppose the hand is K-3-8 with your pocket and after checking it, you put a bet on the table. Now your opponent wakes up with a check-up. Are you stuck in your own web? Did your opposition make their own set? This is where you will need to put some information on your opponent to see if such a game is in their toolbox. 

If your opponent calls and comes along, this is not the worst thing for you. Especially with our example hand, potential arm ranges can’t beat you (the only one that’s problematic would be K-8, in our example, as another king gives you one less boat, but A player on the AK or 9-8 is not going with you). But you have to keep your eyes open for any other possible dangers that may present themselves. 

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