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Poker Straitegy Paint May Look Great

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Poker Straitegy Paint May Look Great


Poker Policy: Paint May Look Unlimited, but Tread Sensibly 

Sitting at the poker table, players will try to mix their game, so that their opposition stops, as they are adopting the ABC approach to play. One of the further standard methods to depart from the perfect, but quiet evidently with strong holdings, is to play the paint card. “Paint” cards – any combination of face cards in the deck (KQ, KJ, QJ) – may look great from the start, but you have to be very careful as they are unlikely to win because the opponent kick in front of you. Can kill you. 

The Setup and Mistake From the Start 

Recently I joined a poker discussion where this type of question arose. “I’m on the diamond K-J and the $ 400 and UTG (under the gun, or first act) button, it makes $ 23 to go,” said the player. “It’s pretty standard for this (home) game, $ 1 / $ 3 and very juicy.” Anyway, four people call by the time the action gets to me and I call too. The flop is a J-4-7 with a diamond, the original riser makes it $ 75 and I was the only one who made the call. Turn Diamonds had a six and the original riser made a $ 150 wager. ” 

The storyteller said, “I stayed for a few minutes,” but I decided to call. I thought about the lift but could not pull the trigger. River was one of the ten clubs and he pushes the rest of his pile which covers the mine. I call and lose … he had AJ. What do you think? ” 

First, the player made the mistake of playing against several opponents. With a large raise from under the gun and four other callers in front of him, the K-J he was holding should have shrunk and thrown into the duck. The UTG pick is strong enough, hooked to at least one mid-pair or high or A-K, and the four collars can literally mean anything – baby pairs, mid-friendly connectors, perhaps even weak-friendly aces. . 

With its paint cards on the button, this is not the weapon you need. He has to hit the flop perfect on the lines of K-J-x, because you won’t even be confident that you’ll be ahead of the K-K-x or J-J-x flop. Even with the advantage of the situation, you still prefer to have more ammunition for the upcoming war, especially with so many opponents. 

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