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So, What Do You Do About It?

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So, What Do You Do About It?


The answer is to play against these types of players – you end it. These types of players – the ones who will hold the odds when they are, at least, the minimum against them – are the types that will make you money in the long run. Players who stick on their pocket pair for too long, players who draw a runner-runner flush or even expect their ace to pair up with their kicker and to knock out your two pair make a miraculous pair.These are the players that are you. Make money in the long run. Instead of trying to pick the “right online poker room”, you have to accept that you made the right decision and it was just the runoff of the cards that did not bring about your intended result. 

This is something that gives players the hardest time to do it in poker. In short, poker is not a game of winning money. It is a game about making the right decision with information that you have not understood until that time. The same thing applies when you look at the scraps of your hole cards and mute them (let’s say 6-3 off suit, just for fun), then seeing the flop come 6-6-3 – you have Whatever the evidence was, you made the right decision. Just because the flop got in your way, does not mean that your decision making process was wrong. 

It also does not mean that you need a separate poker area. If you’re a better player in an online site or even a live arena, you don’t want to find a different place where people are better than you – just ask to lose money. Thus, you have to learn to accept the “sticky” players and the fact that they will occasionally take your hands down – eventually it will get back in your way! 

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