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Variety of Games & Stakes

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Variety of Games & Stakes


Although Texas Hold’em is the most common form of poker currently being played online, there are many variations of the game. Some of these are becoming increasingly popular and it is fun, and profitable, to learn how to play other forms of poker as well. The best poker rooms usually offer a range of games in addition to hold’em – such as Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and Rays. We generally recommend that it is better to play where there is a good selection of different games and different bets, as these sites attract better player traffic. 

Good traffic is important, because it means that when you feel like playing, you are more likely to find you to play against opponents. Although we only recommend sites where there is a lot of action, it is a good idea for you to see the number of players playing your favorite games and bets. There are many players playing micro-bets somewhere. Texas Hold’em is not of much use to you if you want to play high-stakes Okha. For the same reasons, you should look at the number of cash game players and the number of tournament players. 

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