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Would Utilizing Webcams Improve the Online Poker Product?

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Would Utilizing Webcams Improve the Online Poker Product?


There are many people who believe that online poker is the same today. Bringing the game from the poker table (or dinner table) to the computer was a really important step, but there was always room for improvement in anything. But, with online poker, where are the things that you can improve? 

Some have said that you can improve the game by making it three-dimensional, but each of those efforts seems to be false in its presentation. You can come up with new games, but everyone is trying to find the next “Texas Hold’em”. How about something that nowadays is improving the product to use on every computer – computer cameras, putting live faces to play online? 

Pros and Cons of Webcams in Online Poker 

Players may worry when it comes to the use of webcams in poker. Everyone is very keen nowadays for computer security and giving access to a webcam for online poker may not be a bridge that players want to cross. There are also “rules” that will go into the use of webcams by online poker sites. For example, what will they do with the upcoming video? 

On the other hand, your online poker site will have many good points for using a webcam. A website will be able to confirm (at least in camera) that a player is playing solo and, if they see a player watching other devices and / or other people, they will be able to prove that They may have been using software or “ghosts,” or when you’re in action, look at the other person and make suggestions. 

Then there is punishment for violating the rule… disqualified from the tournament? Cash game loss? It would be a very good idea to balance the use of cameras, the rights of players and the security of the situation. 

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